Patients Testimonials: What they say about Nova Dental

Real patients, real stories. The success of a dental clinic is measured by the patients satisfaction with the quality of the services.

For Nova Dental, their is very important. Every day we strive to reach excellency in every procedure we apply to our patients. 

Here you will find reviews and commentaries about their experience in Nova Dental Clinic. 

Patient Testimonials

Brad Mckenzie Video Testimony

Brad McKenzie from Boston, Massachusetts visited Nova Dental for a dental crown treatment. He is very happy not only with the final result but the quality of service and the doctors professionalism at Nova Dental.

Ericsson Dale Video Testimony

Ericsson Dale from Reston, Virginia came to Nova Dental Clinic for teeth extraction and dental implants. He’s very happy with the final results.

Gerald York Video Testimony

Gerald York from United States visited Nova Dental for a Full Mouth Restoration. He´s thankful with Dr. Obando for changing his life.

Chris Janeiro Video Testimony

Christ Janeiro from South Florida visited Nova Dental for a Full Mouth Restoration. He´s very happy with the final results and highly recommends Dr.Obando´s services.

Alexis Luis Video Testimony

Alexis Luis from Florida is very thankful with Nova Dental for the final results of his new porcelain crowns and teeth whitening treatment. He highly recommends Nova Dental services and Costa Rica as a great place to visit.

Jeremy Bradford Video Testimony

Jeremy Bradford from Denver Colorado, is a patient with new porcelain crowns. He is very thankful with the service provided by Dr. Obando and the rest of Nova Dental Staff.

Cherry Carter Video Testimony

Just like Jeremy, Cherry from Namaimo Canada, is one of our porcelain crowns patient.

Joe Farrel Video Testimony

Joe Farrel, a physician from Cheyenne, Wyoming, is one of our many happy patients of Nova Dental.

Bruce McIntosh Video Testimony

Bruce McIntosh from Washington D.C. is one of our crowns implants patient.

Tom Wicevich Video Testimony

Tom Wicevich from Colorado couldn´t be happier about our dental treatment in the upper jaw area with six dental implants and a full porcelain bridge over implants. Listen to him in our first video testimony.

More Testimonials

More reviews about Nova Dental services and patient testimonials.

Dental Implants

The replacement of missing teeth is important to a patient’s oral health and overall well-being.

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Nova Dental has this technology that will soon become a standard feature in advanced dental clinics in the future.


Our in-house specialist, Dr. Paola Truque, transform root canal treatments into regular and routine procedures.