The Wand Dentist: Painless Dental Anesthesia in Costa Rica

Painless dentistry in Costa Rica: A huge step in the search for odontology perfection.

The Wand: Painless Dental Anesthesia in Costa Rica

The Wand Dentist in Costa Rica

In the continuous search of odontology perfection, Nova Dental Clinic has been surrounded by latest technological advances in the dental field.   Our compromise to offer a unique experience to our patients make us learn and update our knowledge with new techniques.

For this reason, Nova Dental acquired The Wand, an innovative system which provides a more accurate and painless use of dental anesthesia in a procedure like dental implants or crowns.

For Dr. Luis G. Obando, Dr. Paola Truque and Dr. Javier Chavarría, this tool is an important improvement over anesthetics procedures. It shortens time, feeling more confortable and increasing productivity for each patient.

Dental fobia or fear of injections is something that can make dental treatment very difficult. When a patient is not confortable with injections, completing a dental treatment is something difficult.  With the Wand System, patients who are now looking for dental treatments in Costa Rica, will find no pain with anesthesia, improving the experience with costarican dentistry.

Nova Dental Clinic is among the first dental facilities in Costa Rica to use the Wand as primary tool on the appliance of local painless anesthesia for any dental surgery or treatment.

About The Wand Technology

Created by Milestone ScientificThe Wand is the next generation in dental anesthesia technology. It is known the main cause of pain during an injection is the flow of the anesthetic into the patient tissues. For decades,  dental professional tried to reduce without any success until now. This ergonomically device enables all type of injections to be more  easier to perform, resulting in improved clinical outcomes for patients.

The Single Tooth Anesthetic System (STA)®  inside the Wand device controls pressure, flow rate and volume, providing a more confortable injection, reducing anxiety in patients. It has a small, pen-like hand piece attached to it. Inside this you will find  a very fine needle.  The system unit calculates the best position for the needle to be injected. Enables bi-rotational insertion technique, eliminating needle deflection.

This shorten the process improving access and control.  This device reduce the need for mandibular blocks Also provides consistent injection technique the reduces collateral numbness. Patients can have the treatment completed and go back to their normal lives without the frustration of a numb face.

Right now, The Wand is considered one of the top dental techniques, receiving awards like the Dental Townie Choice Awards and the Medical Design Excellence Awards.

For more details about the Wand Painless Dental Anesthesia and additional information, please contact us. We are glad to serve you.

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